Invisible Effects – Computer Graphics, which you don’t see

Dear film-makers, mainly for you I did this video compilation, basicaly edit of several making ofs that presents usage of CG and visual effects outside of traditional platform for presence of these tools – huge Hollywood blockbusters.

I focused mainly on so called „invisible effects“, meaning those, that don’t actually look like effects, you might not even notice them because they are usually realistic elements, which teoretically could have been shot in camera, but practically it would not be possible. Or it could have been shot practically as well, but it was just way cheaper to do it in CG. These are humble effects that respect the movie as a whole, they try to serve it, not to dominate it, cover it and eventually kill it.

The reason why I did this is that I want to promote the full spectrum of possibilities in which visual effects can be used. I’m becoming a bit paranoid that there is a myth emerging that 3D/VFX = Transformers, Avatar etc..only. And this myth could make independent film-makers a priori sceptical about these tools and wouldn’t be interested in their further exploration.

My aim is popularization of potential of new creative dimension offered by digital tools among independent film-makers and directors who are not thinking about blowing up thousands of robots, but I believe that in spite of that, they could utilize VFX in interesting ways. I must say, that I’m a bit scared when I see best people in the visual effects industry producing amazing models, animations and effects which then end up in total film trash. This contrast between quality/quantity of VFX and the artistic value of the blockbuster, in which they are present is often enormous. In many cases story, script and characters are becoming coulisse for megalomaniac VFX with which the movie is contamined from start till the end.

I wish I would see more beautiful movies with reasonably and purposfully used CG and visual effects.


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Wednesday, August 7, 2013 - 10:34

Dear film-makers, mainly for you I did this video compilation, basicaly edit of several making ofs, which presents usage of CG and visual effects outside...

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